It’s Panto season, You Beauty! (and the Beast)

As fully qualified big kids, we were absolutely delighted when we were asked to work on this years Panto by The Everyman. After the initial briefing we were both buzzing and shocked by how much work needs to go into these shows, both in organizing, promoting and managing.

After a couple of renditions of ‘Tale as old as time, song as old as rhyme…’ We felt we we’re ready to get stuck in to the design work and with some help from our good friend Mr Ian Barry with the illustrations, the design work started to come together. After months of work and preparation we were delighted to see everything popping up around the City. I think it’s safe to say ‘it’s behind you!, Oh no it’s not! – It’s absolutely everywhere!! Posters, Bus Shelters, signage, banners, balloons, brochures, it’s actually more difficult to try not to see it.

We have to say an absolutely huge thanks to The Everyman, the success of this campaign is a massive testament to the team there and all their hard work. It’s always a pleasure to deal and work with them and we’re officially fully converted Panto fans! This job has been so much fun to work on and from all the reviews we are hearing, it’s as much, if not more fun to watch!

If you HAVE been living under a rock and haven’t already seen the ads, posters, billboards, buses, etc, etc, then you can see them all on our Beauty & the Beast page.

Bringing glee to Cork

Believe it or not, we’ve created branding and packaging that was featured at Glee! There wasn’t a showtune or dance routine in sight however. Glee is the UK’s most comprehensive trade show for the garden industry to discover the latest trends, new products on the market and a wealth of innovative and inspirational ideas for […]

November 24, 2011

Fota Wildlife Park – New website is live!

It’s been a big proud day for Doodle today! Fota Wildlife website goes live! What an absolutely fantastic job to be involved with and massive thanks to StudioForty9 for involving us in this project. As per usual they were living legends to deal with and their work as per usual is absolutely top notch. Our […]

July 13, 2012