Startup Express

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About This Project

Startup Express – as part of Europe’s Largest Technology event, the Dublin Web Summit, we were commissioned to design & build a website to promote the free train bringing attendees from Cork to Dublin. As the whole idea of the train was original, creative and targeted at tech, creative and startups companies, we wanted the site to reflect this.


The concept was to literally have a train that travels from Cork to Dublin, which scrolls as you go down the page, starting at Kent train station and scrolling down to the web summit building in Dublin. While the site needed to be informative, with details, dates and various information we wanted to keep a friendly, light hearted feel to the site. This was very much how the atmosphere on the train was being pitched. We sneaked in some classic movie cars too, such as the Ateam van, the tumbler and even a deloreon! After the train was full, we added some flashing disco lights and a classic 80’s tune for good measure.

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