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About This Project

We were commissioned by Human and Kind to bring their site up to a level that represented their quality of product and make a statement about the direction and growth of the company.


For an ecommerce website this was a very fresh and bold approach by the client. While functionally the site had to be easy to use, with simple navigation and the ability to purchase a product within a few clicks. They also made to clear that the site had to represent them as a company, stand out from the crowd and have a very creative feel.


Our approach was to have simple pages, with a mix of large striking images and simple text statements that clearly explained the benefits of the products. The main area we really focussed on was the ‘cart’ page. We didn’t want a standard page that was made up of repeating plain boxes as we felt that with packaging that was so distinct and striking, we could really showcase them and the various ranges. We came up with the idea of displaying the products on shelves, which also reflected the way the products are displayed in their showrooms and at exhibitions. When clicking through to the product page we then let the beautiful packaging really sell itself and kept the description text simple and easy to navigate.