Fota Wildlife Park

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About This Project

Fota Wildlife Park came to use to produce creative for 2 campaigns. One was to promote the new Tropical House and the second was to create awareness that Tigers will be introduced to the Park in the coming months.


The first campaign we tackled was the Tropical House. As we knew this was going to be predominantly a billboard campaign we had to be aware that a lot of people would be driving past the artwork pretty quickly. With this in mind we wanted to come up with a concept that would catch attention, give a clear indication to what the topical house is and the kind of animals that are there, while creating a feel of the atmosphere and experience you can expect when you visit the Tropical House. With the frog being so visually striking, we decided this would be our focal point and that the main concept of the design was to create the feeling that this is a home from home for the animals, with a direct link to their natural habitats. We wanted to create an almost 3D feel to the design so the animals really feel like they’re coming to life and jumping out the artwork. We then carried this across newspaper adverts and other media such as Facebook and twitter.


The Tiger concept was much more of a teaser campaign, so we thought a much more mysterious angle would work best. Keeping it very simple and striking, to grab attention and create interest through subtly implying the tigers were coming.